Corporate Identity Samples

Whats your SWOOSH ?

A logo represents a company – it defines its identity – its purpose.
It is an integral part of a company’s brand strategy. Without a logo or brand identity it would be impossible for a consumer to identify one product or service from the next. Most consumers have very strong opinions regarding their favorite brand. These opinions are more emotional than rational. Some brands (e.g. Nike SWOOSH ! but its MUCH MORE than just that! ) resonate with customers more than others. They form an emotional attachment to these brands, often disregarding better products and services for ones with higher visibility and brand recognition (e.g. Xerox & Kleenex).

It is therefore of the utmost importance that every company – especially the small business, has a sound brand strategy and a strong brand identity with a unique identifiable logo. ACC can work with you to realize your Brand Identity and present the greatest Competitor’s Challenge in the marketplace!

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