Procurement Writing

ACC can take your germ of an idea and develop it into an achievable and measurable and most importantly fundable organized program. ACC has been consulting for over a decade now in written Grant Proposals and Business Plans, MOUs, NDAs and other strategic papers.

Its not the type of agency or the size of the grant or other close. Its how much time it will take to prepare the proposal and the Writing Team’s expense (e.g. specialist consulting fees) plus out-of-pocket costs. Metropolitan grants are serviced at $45/hr flat beginning rate. Estimates can be made available after review of custom needs for any strategic paper. Although the dollar amount of any grant is not directly related to the amount of time needed to complete a proposal, in order to assess the magnitude of any project, a one time (non-refundable) fee of $75 is required to evaluate the guidelines and/or custom requirements of any paper before committing to pursuing your project. $500 nonrefundable for initial grant searches, potential program design and program development options. If Accepted the entire $575 is credited as a deposit toward the total cost of your paper. If a paper is not accepted 50% of its fee is honored as a credit toward a second paper or proposal.


What do you think your grant is worth the effort in securing? What will your long term benefit be from winning the stipend? How bad do you want it!

Lets go get it; together!