Performance Acting

I am interested in new worlds and the weird and wonderful characters that reside there.

I am hungry for collaborations that broaden my own perspective and nourish both the makers and the watchers.

I am interested in grand gestures, poetry, expressionism, fantasy, grit, and truth.

I am a Father, Husband, an eager MBA candidate, Artist, Inventor, Patriot, Deontologist, Planet Hunter; a GenX Polymath and a dreamer who LOVES film !

I believe Acting is an exciting expressive dimension of artistry which allows one to explore like no other medium.

Height:    5 ‘ 10 “ Weight:  180 lbs.   Hair:        Dark Brown        Eyes:       Light Green


Any Last Words                        Kyle, Lead                                                 dir. Matt Keim
Black Dog, Red Dog                         Victrola Bidder, Background                        dir.  James Franco
HOME :_________               Background    ( Recurring )               dir.  Jono Oliver
Dr. T and the Women         Background    ( Recurring )               dir.  Robert Altman


Do No Harm , NBC                 General Background ( Recurring )   dir. Jeffrey Reiner


Popeye’s Chicken                  Food Safety Training, Principal        Paradigm Communication Group
Rachel’s Challenge                 Faculty Teacher Background                        dir.  Jon Lindgren


Diverse audio voiceover talent-personalities for a myriad of local market promotions including:
LIVE On-air Radio Coverage, Sports Broadcasting, Band interviews and College Campus events.

TRAINING (selected)

Ongoing self-study: Sanford Meisner Technique & Tadashi Suzuki Performance Movement Practices
Workshops: The Screenplay, Writing for Film & Television by Acclaimed VFX Specialist, Jon Alvord

HONORS (selected)

( 2005 ) Won 1st Place Tribeca ShortFilm Competition co-produced, Rachel’s Challenge dir. Jon Lindgren
( 2001 ) Notable Mention, Project Greenlight Screenplay Contest Entrant
( 1996 ) Graduated Top Of Class Honors, Cincinnati Art Institute of Design


Athletic, cold reads, excellent improvisation, painting/drawing, programmer, production experience


( 2003 – 2005 ) Field-Action Cameraman, Lone Star Arena Football League, Odessa Texas
( 2004 ) Boom Operator PGA Tournament of Champions, Texas Tour
( 1996-1999 ) Best Boy Apprenticeship, Paradigm Communication Group


Registered WGA(w) Screenplays: RELEASE©2001 , REALM©2002 & Novella: MADNESS©2015