Traditional Photography

Photography really began for me at about thirteen, when my mom lent me her smaller camera until I kept borrowing it so often I claimed it as mine and stopped asking to keep it longer.

At the age of twenty, I studied in Paris and covered all my excursions as if I were a photojournalist, covering local people, culture and most scandalous Princess Diana’s car wreck. Later I worked as best boy grip at a local Agency Service Bureau for commercial video & photo shoots. It is there I honed my craft and sharpened my eye for organic coverage of a subject. Again as with traditional painting, I believe it is important to possess a mastery in traditional mediums, that knowledge clearly shows transcending all digital work.

Feeling more and more the personal need to explore my self-expression through my glass lens, I began driving all across our country to cover a personal documentary exploration; in a sense “my own story”. Over the years commercial work has happened and with each project a deeper sense of my personal magic is discovered in every shoot.

My photos have appeared in magazines, journals, adverts and even government publications.

As you’ll see in my traditional portfolio below my work includes portrait series, landscape series, and photo essays in which all themes culminate into what I call “shadow boxes”. For commercial assignments that require production, I work with my partners to bring to bare the best body of work I can.

This webpage is simply the tip of the iceberg, an assortment of some of my favorites showing examples from my extensive portfolio. Upon request I will be happy to send a more targeted selection of my other work for your given project.