Vision & Outlook

Hello, my name is JAaron Anderson. I’m a Creative Director and Programming Architect living and working in Philadelphia.

I have experience working with large, medium and small businesses, agencies and brands.
Ideation. Art Direction. Design. Concepts. Branding. Coding. Consulting.

I thrive in bringing ideas to life. I have extensive experience in executing concepts from start to completion, leveraging and combining all media to promote a brand, including responsive design, visual design and UI/UX design for interactive applications: web, mobile, social. Im an artist who wanted my interactions with consumers to behave certain ways to influence conversion so in order to ensure that, I learned to code and run my own server environments.

My history growing up on a farm in the hills of Lebanon, Ohio has given me a strong foundation, and has created a lasting set of personal values that are reflected in my professional life today.

As a creative studio, A Competitor’s Challenge (ACC) is a dynamic, inclusive production consortium, transforming its collaborations into prosperous engagements, positive experiences, and inspired friends.

These values are a guiding force in ACC’s service approach and are infused into all elements of the business process workflow.

We put ACC’s values — innovative thinking, customer empathy, and product message design — at the center of every “passion project” we undertake. These values are reflected in rigorous development expectations and high-impact production practices that promote customer engagement and brand loyalty.

I could go on further into geeky lengthy dissertation on design, web & IT, and delve into dark BIG-data, ephemeral exhaust, cyber forensics, code wars, statistical analysis, business brown-noise, technological determinism or social constructionism, but Ill just keep my statement simple and say I offer an extensive programmatic and multi-media services portfolio tempered by proven business & marketing experience.

It is ACC’s job to leverage all my seasoned business process excellence experience in order to rapidly innovate solutions for your business to prosper!

I am A Competitor’s Challenge and every initiative I take on is Worth The Candle .