Traditional Paintings


There is no range of subject matter ACC cannot achieve in expressive mediums. Though some subject matter may be more of a challenge than others we can sketch and paint anything we can see. In fact we even have performed painting subconscious studies painting in the dark as an exercise to further explore that without the heart there can be no understanding between the hand and the mind. Underpinning all ACC’s multimedia is this artistic integrity. Mastery of the classics lay a solid foundation for all production mediums. Just as the evolution over centuries of the word “O’range” became the evolved name of the color hue ACC sees such natural progression important to continue to experiment with traditional mediums in a balanced approach with the latest technologies and techniques to continue to hone and evolve ACC’s practice in Art and expressive craft.

Select from the variety of work below to see a large detailed pop-up view.

Painting Process Stages:
(Prismacolor sketch, Oilwash hue-shift, Acyclic mid-tone under-painting then work dark to light & polish.)

Sample Assortment of Commissioned and Celebrity works:

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When A Competitor’s Challenge completes your airbrushed garment it is pre-set ready to wear.

Nothing needs to be done on your part. We suggest wearing your airbrush garment as much as possible before washing it since the outcome may vary afterward, to protect your investment.

We cannot guarantee the outcome once washed since each manufacturer of garments use different materials; at times it may fade slightly where there are unnoticeable changes and at times may fade greatly depending on material and the wash process you use.

Do not use bleach, OxyClean nor Woolite.
If the garment is dirty in areas with no airbrush, wash only that area.
Wash in cold water, inside out on delicate cycle or hand wash, with 1/4 of soap
Hang dry preferably.